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The Business Appliance of Behavioural Science

Tips, Tricks and Tools To Sky Rocket Your Business

Fortune Copilot

Imagine a world where you can transform your business by positively influence your customers to make the decisions you want them to make.


A business revolution

Architect and influence how your customers think and act.

Using Behavioural Science

Learn tried and tested techniques you can easily implement to build a better business.

All you need in one place.


Unique and innovative

We’ve collated the only very best tried and tested customer behaviours from around the world. This means everything you need is in just one place.

Number of Websites You Need


Size of the world wide web

100s of hours training

Step by step tutorials and guides.

Phenomenally easy

Easy to understand tutorials to quickly get you up to speed with the most powerful customer behavioural insights.

Lead your industry

By understanding how customers make choices, you’ll be able influence them, allowing you to lead your industry.

Continually enhanced

Fortune Copilot is a living reference available at your fingertips to use in your business everyday.

100’s of years worth of combined expertise

Get practical tips, tricks and advice from world leading experts, entrepreneurs and authors.

Alan Coote

Alan Coote

Entrepreneur, Digital Technologist & Presenter of UK’s largest Business Radio Show
Josh Alex

Josh Alex

Fortune Copilot Founder, Business Science Editor & Broadcaster
Ash Maurya

Ash Maurya

Business Start Up World Authority & International Speaker
Dan Ariely

Dan Ariely

Behavioural Economics World Authority & Best Selling Author
Levi Roots

Levi Roots

BBC Dragons’ Den’s Most Successful Entrepreneur
Rory Sutherland

Rory Sutherland

Acclaimed Behavioural Economics Speaker & Founder of Nudge Stock
Jenny Tooth

Jenny Tooth OBE

Represents Over 18,000 Angel Investors
Robert Braithwaite

Robert Braithwaite CBE

Built and Sold a £320 Million Business
David Halpen

Dr David Halpen

CEO of The World’s First Government Behavioural Economics Team
Michelle Baddeley

Michelle Baddeley

Michelle Baddeley is a Professor in Economics and Finance at University College London (UCL)
Jo Marchant

Jo Marchant

Award Winning Author & Former Editor At New Scientist
Xenios Thrasyvoulou

Xenios Thrasyvoulou

Founder of PeoplePerHour, Named as Europe’s Hottest Start Up

An in-depth understanding

We pride ourselves with making our guides easy, practical and enjoyable. Because business should be simple.

It’s like having your own personal customer behavioural expert

In every tutorial we work through plenty of practical examples, showing you just how to influence your customers so both you and them benefit.

100’s of real world examples

Discover how other businesses like you from all over the world are using our customer behavioural insights to transform and grow their business.

Essential knowledge

Dozens of behavioural principles back by science specific to your industry.

Huge impact without huge expense

Discover how to improve your business, product, service and customer experience all without complicated and expensive implementations.

In-depth advice sector by sector

A detailed look, sector by sector, at customer behaviours and powerful human psychological insights.

Learn only what’s guaranteed to work

Business to business, business to consumer, service, retail, transport, manufacturing, medical or government. Learn from others what works in your industry.

Worldwide recognition as experts

Award winning practical advice.

Bang up to date

All the latest news and insights keeping you at the leading edge.

Your questions answered

An award winning weekly podcast allows us to immediately share what the community are doing successfully and respond to your specific questions.

World leading special guests

Discover what the experts are saying. Hear about the latest research and how the world’s largest companies are using behavioural science to nudge their customers, and how you can too.


Trusted by leading organisations around the world

Positive results immediately

Get started now

Free cheat sheet for every member

A ‘getting started’ guide so you can immediately start influencing and nudging your customers.

Lots of happy faces

Over 3,500 business owners have already started. What are you waiting for?


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