Podcast New Series: Episode 1 – How To Become Highly Influential

Podcast New Series: Episode 1 – How To Become Highly Influential

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On this week’s Podcast…

How To Become Highly Influential

We all aspire to have influence amongst our friends and particularly our colleagues at work. What is the secret to becoming highly influential and highly respected?

How to change people’s minds is an age-old problem and it depends on what you want to change someone’s mind about.

Amazingly there is a simple way to make the whole process a lot more scientific and it comes in the form of a simple equation called the Formula For Change.

Originally the Formula For Change was intended to be used in large organisations who are restructuring. It’s used to convince their workforce that reorganisation is a great idea!

But I think it has a far wider application. You can use it any time you need to convince someone of your great idea. It could be as mundane as persuading them to make you a cup of tea all the way to getting a customer to sign a multimillion pound contract.

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The Formula for Change is;

Dissatisfaction + Vision + First Steps > Resistance to Change

The dissatisfaction with how things are now, plus the Vision of what is possible added to the First Steps which must be taken towards that vision must be more compelling than the Resistance to Change.

If you need to change someone’s mind, then highlight any areas of dissatisfaction, while inspiring them with a new vision and then of course show them the first steps to take towards your vision. As long as those three things are more compelling than any resistance, then you can successfully change someone’s mind.

This is beautifully simple and can be used for almost any situation; getting people to improve their performance at work, getting a customer to sign on the dotted line or getting them to keep coming back to buy more from you.

To start using the Formula For Change you need to first work out what resistance there might be. Once you know what you’re up against, you can go ahead and create your Vision and First Steps in a compelling and convincing way.

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